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Testing and Balancing : Benefits for Contractors

mechanical systems

Maxima Technical Services offers superior testing and balancing services to mechanical contractors involved in new construction and fit up projects.  We provide all testing and balancing services described within the project specifications.  Our technicians draw on a wealth of experience and knowledge to provide fast and accurate testing and balancing services.  The experience we bring to projects allows for rapid identification of potential problems followed by suggestions to resolve the issue with minimal costs to all parties. A cooperative approach to testing and balancing allows us to provide added value that can be passed along to your clients without additional costs. Maxima Technical Services and its employees use the latest technologies to provide reports in a timely manner in order to expedite the billing processes of our clients. We can provide competitive pricing for any tendered or invited projects.


  • Prompt and accurate quotations.
  • Prompt service and flexible scheduling.
  • Clear communication of project status.
  • Detailed and accurate reporting.
  • Timely report submission.