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Testing and Balancing : Benefits for Facilities Managers

Maxima Technical Services offers superior testing, balancing, and survey services to facility managers.  Our vast experience and use of the latest technologies allows us to provide trouble shooting services that rapidly identifies the cause of problems that might be the source of discomfort or system inefficiencies.

The data logging, flow measurement, troubleshooting techniques coupled with an integrated approach allows us to develop and present a clear picture that can be used for determine if immediate action is required, or if the solutions can be included in the long term management of the facility.  Our knowledge of building automation systems allows us to verify the sequence of operations of various mechanical systems.  This allows us to provide valuable feedback to facility managers as to the performance and ability of their mechanical systems to maintain set points required by either occupants or processes.


  • Prompt service and flexible scheduling.
  • Better operating environment.
  • Less complaints
  • Lower operating costs.
  • Clear communication of test data.
  • Detailed and accurate reporting.