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Testing and Balancing of HVAC Systems


Maxima can test and balance all types and variations of heating ventilating and air conditioning systems including but not limited to:

  • Constant volume systems both regulated and non-regulated types.
  • Variable airflow systems controlled by pneumatic, electric, DDC or system powered control systems.
  • Reheat systems using either electric or hydronic reheat.
  • Induction unit systems.
  • Life safety pressurization or smoke evacuation systems.
  • Exhaust systems including kitchen hood exhaust systems.
  • Laboratory hood exhaust systems.
  • Air exchanger systems.
  • Pool dehumidification systems.
  • Computer room air conditioning systems.
  • And more…………

Testing and Balancing of Hydronic Systems

hydronic systems

All hydronic system testing and balancing are within the capabilities of Maxima Technical Services
With the acquisition of accurate ultrasonic technology we are capable of measuring the majority of all fluids through various piping materials.

We can perform testing and balancing on all hydronic systems using methods such as temperature transfer methods, using measuring devices such as suction diffusers, triple duty valves, circuit balancing valves or ultrasonically.
The system testing and balancing can be performed on:

  • Heating systems both of water or glycol.
  • Heat recuperation systems.
  • Chilled water systems.
  • Heat transfer systems.
  • Domestic hot water systems.
  • Process systems.
  • Pump testing.

Data Logging

data logging

Data logging is the acquisition of data over a period of time. Data, which can be acquired, are from temperature and humidity, CO2, air pressure to fluid pressure.

Data is acquired by the installation of small data loggers, which are retrieved at the end of the acquisition period and the data downloaded to our computer systems for analytical interpretation.

Again the data is presented in an easy to read format which can be transferred to the client in hard copy or electronically.

Sound Testing

sound waveform

Performance of sound power level testing for comparative usage is available.
We can also provide sound power level measurements over ranges of frequency so that NC curves can be plotted.

Drive Change Services

When the change of drive sets is required on fans in order to achieve design airflow rates we provide qualified calculation of the proper drive set ratios needed.

The proper drive set can be provided and installed as well as all the testing of the final operating parameters in order to confirm all calculations.

Laboratory and Clean Room Integrated Ventilation Testing

The operating parameters of laboratories and clean rooms required particular attention to detail.
We can provide complete integrated testing services to confirm air change rates, operating sequences, airflow patterns and pressurization levels.

Fume Hood Testing

We are equipped and well versed in fume hood containment testing. Whether the testing standards required are as per Treasury Board Guidelines or the more stringent ASHRAE-110 or PWGSC MD15128 standards we can provide thorough testing of all laboratory fume hood arrangements. Our extensive experience allows us to pin point problem areas.  In most cases, we can adjust set points, change fan drive assemblies to resolve the issues that might cause poor performance of the environment or fume hoods within the laboratory.

Because of our expertise in all facets of testing and balancing we can correct many of the problems that affect the containment abilities of fume hoods. The reports submitted are thorough and can include full video and or photographic references.

For more detailed description of these services see the “Fume Hood Containment Testing” location within this website. (or click here)

Smoke Tests

When a smoke tracer is required to follow air migrations we can provide the service and equipment needed. The smoke is non toxic and is water based so as to not harm personnel or the environment.
Video of the smoke testing can be provided if required.

Survey Services

Where information regarding present operating parameters are needed in order to accurately plan any alterations to HVAC systems, we can provide a complete survey of the operating parameters of all types of HVAC and Hydronic systems so that the design professional is equipped with most accurate and up to date information he or she requires to make a well informed design for future applications of the systems involved.

Services for the compiling of mechanical systems operating parameters for SOP documents or lease renewal documents can be provided.

Troubleshooting Services

Where problems are noted in any HVAC application we provide trouble-shooting expertise in all types of ventilation and hydronic systems. A thorough testing of all operating parameters of systems affecting comfort, pressurization or noise is performed in order to determine the causes of the problems noted.

Other Testing

Other services offered include duct leak testing, force testing for exit doors, lighting level measurements and CO and CO2 measurements.