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Laboratory Testing Services

A significant amount of our expertise lies in laboratory ventilation systems testing.

Laboratory ventilation systems are in place to provide containment protection for either the process or the technicians working with hazardous materials and a vehicle to provide comfort control. 
The primary protection of laboratory personnel is done via the use fume hoods .

Historically, fume hoods have been adjusted to a nominal velocity at the entry point of the fume hood commonly referred to as face velocity.  This method of simply testing face velocity has been proven to give an incomplete indication of how the fume hood protects the user. Although it has provided the user with the information that the air flow is indeed in the proper direction and the air velocity tested it, however, does not quantify the containment performance level of the fume hood and the effect of the environmental variables that might affect the ability of the fume hood to contain. 

Using specialized testing procedures, the actual containment level of the fume hood can be determined and the effect of the environment adjusted to maximize the fume hoods containment capabilities. It has been well documented that the environment in which the fume hood is located has a significant effect on the performance of the fume hood.

Laboratory ventilation systems need to be tested and all aspects of its operation quantified.  After this has been accomplished, some key baseline readings can be used to verify the integrity of the systems on a regular basis.  The ventilation systems should be verified every year, and thoroughly tested and adjusted every five years or whenever there is a modification to the ventilation system associated with the fume hood.

To quantify the containment and environmental variables, we offer the following;

  • Laboratory and clean room integrated ventilation testing.
  • Fume hood testing (From face velocity to ASHRAE 110 or MD15128).
  • Air testing and balancing of HVAC systems.
  • Hydronic testing and balancing of various systems.
  • Data logging. (Air temperature, relative humidity, pressure, liquid flow rates)
  • Sound power level testing. (Dba & NC rating)
  • Drive change services.
  • Specialized testing. (Duct leak testing, force testing for exit doors, lighting levels, CO2 measurements)
  • Troubleshooting services.
  • Survey services.

Laboratory and Clean Room Integrated Ventilation Testing

The operating parameters of laboratories and clean rooms required particular attention to detail.
We can provide complete integrated testing services to confirm air change rates, operating sequences, airflow patterns and pressurization levels.

Fume Hood Testing

We are equipped and well versed in fume hood containment testing. Whether the testing standards required are as per Treasury Board Guidelines or the more stringent ASHRAE-110 or PWGSC MD15128 standards we can provide thorough testing of all laboratory fume hood arrangements. Our extensive experience allows us to pin point problem areas.  In most cases, we can adjust set points, change fan drive assemblies to resolve the issues that might cause poor performance of the environment or fume hoods within the laboratory.

Because of our expertise in all facets of testing and balancing we can correct many of the problems that affect the containment abilities of fume hoods. The reports submitted are thorough and can include full video and or photographic references.