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Fume Hood Containment Testing : Benefits for Manufacturers

Maxima Technical Services provides completely independent testing services for as manufactured (AM) and as installed (AI) containment testing.  Using the latest technologies, we are able to provide a full range of mobile testing services with respect to fume hoods and the environment in which they operate.  Our reports are extensive, yet laid out in a fashion that lets the readers intuitively navigate through our graphical representations of face velocity, cross draft, and containment levels.  Our mobility throughout the country allows us to provide as manufactured tests on your premises.  The costs of our services are quickly recovered when the option shipping costs to an outside facility is considered.  The as manufactured requirements set forth by both Public Works Government Services of Canada (MD 15128) and the National Research Council of Canada is comprehensive and requires extensive testing to be performed by an independent company.  The costs incurred with the as manufactured tests can be recovered through each opportunity of a sale this report will provide with the 2 largest users of fume hoods in the country.


  • Prompt service and flexible scheduling.
  • Mobile testing at your facility.
  • Full reports to use for validation criteria.
  • Independent testing.
  • Clear communication of test data.
  • Detailed and accurate reporting.