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Fume Hood Containment Testing : Benefits for Contractors

Maxima Technical Services provides completely independent services for laboratory ventilation services including containment services (ASHREA 110-1995 or MD15128).  Using the latest technologies, we are able to provide a full range of testing services with respect to fume hoods and the environment in which they operate.  Our reports are extensive, yet laid out in a fashion that lets the readers intuitively navigate through our graphical representations of face velocity, cross draft, and containment levels.

We can provide all on site testing services if your project requires that fume containment levels be tested and a report submitted using the criteria of ASHREA 110-1995 and/or MD15128

Maxima Technical Services and its employees use the latest technologies to provide reports in a timely manner in order to expedite the billing processes of our clients.  We can provide competitive pricing for any tendered or invited projects.


  • Prompt and accurate quotations.
  • Prompt service and flexible scheduling.
  • Clear communication of project status.
  • Detailed and accurate reporting.
  • Timely report submission.